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John Mayer Confessions
Anonymous: Do you know if John's new album is leaked and if it is, do you know where I can download it for free?

Buying the original album won’t cost you a lot. :)

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This is just so sweet.

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This is just so sweet.

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Here’s a brief note on what kind of confessions you’d send this blog:

  • First and foremost, the meaning of “confession”, as told by Wikipedia, is a statement made by a person or a group of person acknowledging some personal fact that the person would not prefer to keep hidden.
  • A confession can include things such as your love or admire for John Mayer.
  • …and since this page is for John Mayer fans, haters or hate mails will not be published, so don’t waste time. :-)
  • "Think before you type" is our motto.
  • Rude confessions are prohibited.
  • By rude I mean any form of bad-a*s comments such as bad words or below the belt comments.
  • Confessions must not include things against John Mayer, his past/present girlfriend/s, the page itself and anything connected to John Mayer.

I hope we’re all clear by now. :-) If you have questions, feel free to send me a message thought the ask box. Can be seen on my sidebar. :-)

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Clearing things out

Hi! How are you all doing? :-)

A lot of you may know that there’s a new owner of this blog (which is…ME). I don’t know your reason of hating this blog / blaming me for lame posts since I am not responsible for the past posts and confessions being published in this blog. I won’t blame you though if you still hate this blog or what, nothing’s perfect, I know. :-)

Now I would want to hear suggestions on how I can improve this blog as the new owner. Message me through the ask box. Though I’d be reading all your thoughts, please don’t be rude. It’s hard to earn criticisms from something you did not do..

Now, if you would notice my grammar is not so perfect, it’s because I am not American or what. I am not a perfect person and I am trying my best to do this English thing perfectly. 

Thank you and I’m gonna be waiting for your messages!! <3

For the meantime,  how about a minute or two to read John’s blog? :-) (jhnmyr.tumblr.com)

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